Our New Food Trip

Alexei’s Diner & Cafe


A five minute walk from Marquinton to this nice place. Don’t let the signages fool you. Yes it is a car repair shop and a diner.   This is a nice place to hang out while your car is being fixed, or even if your car is perfectly fine. A must try for our food trippers. Ok, let’s start with ... Read More »

Kaf casual dining

Kaf Casual dinings

I always pass by Redwood Street when we buy our pan de sal at the bakery, and for quite some time, I’ve noticed Kaf. So one hungry day, we’ve decided to vanquish hunger at this place. As we approached the place, we immediately saw how it looked inside. A simple neat place decorated for halloween. We picked our seats and ... Read More »

Marikina Japanese Resto Cravings: “MURAKAMI”


  One of the most welcomed cuisines here in our country is Japanese food. From the famous california maki, tempura, sushi, sashimi, yakisoba, gyoza, ramen, tonkatsu, and so much more that it would be time consuming to enumerate. We surely have enjoyed one or two from the list. Along the busy road of Shoe Avenue, there we found a food ... Read More »

Udderly Delicious


Who would resist a milkshake? I definitely wouldn’t. In a tropical country like ours, we all would love to have something that would make us feel cool. On a day when a bit of rain came and the clouds are gray, we craved for milkshakes. And we knew just where to go and get our moooost wanted treat. Choosing the ... Read More »

Calda Pizza! Certified Super Delicious!

Calda Pizza: Quatro Stagione

One fine afternoon, my cousin was craving for pizza. It made me think of where I could buy pizza that won’t really ruin my budget. And so, I asked Areane Then she mentioned Calda Pizza.We were hesitant at first because we weren’t sure of where the place is. Thanks to technology, we were able to find it via Google maps. ... Read More »

Cafe Niu Marikina


  There’s a cozy place nestled along Gil Fernando ( formerly A. Tuazon ), owned by Mr. Emmanuel Formeloza. Cafe Niu is a fresh coffee hour place that just opened 5th of August this year. The place looks bright and lite at day time, and when sun sets, it transforms to a warm and relaxed place. A great place to ... Read More »

Bubba Lab Graceland


Honestly, the place is pretty cool. It kinda reminded me of Dexter’s Laboratory because of the white, black and purple motif. Hmm 90’s kid! Yeah Variety in chairs and tables. One table of which we occupied was a lab table similar to the ones you have in school or university.   Some tables were cubes with a print of a chemical ... Read More »

Krung Thai

Krung Thai Menu

Located in the center marketplace of Marikina, Krung Thai has been making its buzz to many international cuisine lovers for 17years.   Ive seen this small Thai Restaurant every time i shop at the open market. Thoughts of trying their food for a long time but never got the chance to do so. Of course i knew the place but ... Read More »

Hello Marikina City! Hello Food Trip!

Hello World! Hello Marikina! Hello Food Trip!

Marikina City- the shoe capital of the Philippines is not only known for the good quality of shoes here in the Philippines. It is also the home of a number of good restaurants and good food. Such of which are woknatoy, everlasting and hamonado. Join us as we dig into the simple, the festive, the famous, the sumptuous, the lip-kicking, ... Read More »

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